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I looked into the sky and saw a UFO so I made a wish

~May I become Happy~

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This journal is mostly DBSK/SHINee fanfiction with smattering of JE, Super Junior and now EXO (I usually add them in DBSK or SHinee-centric fics) or other random stuff (non fanfic related). Comments are <3

Also,there is No NEED to friend me to read my fics so PLEASE don't add me if you're not going to comment/review or don't know me. It's nice when people add me but when they stay silent, getting all the messages about being added gets a little tiring. Basically, comments are love, NO NEED TO FRIEND ME. Constructive critiscism or spazzing is fine.

To regular commenters, thanks! <3 I'm glad you enjoy my writing even though I don't update regularly.