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Somebody got lucky tonight 3/3

Title: Someone got lucky tonight 3/3
Characters: DBSK with a few Suju cameos
Pairings: Yoosu, Yunhox?
Summary: Yunho’s been limping these past few days and Micky is determined to find out why
Rating: PG
“Yoochun. Yoochun. YAH!”
“Guh.” Yoochun’s head spun and he saw Yunho’s concerned face staring at him.
“Yoochun? Are you ok?”
That voice. Jaejoong. Jaejoong…Oh no! Yoochun shot up like a rocket and almost gagged from doing so.
“Steady…” Yunho helped him into a chair and Jaejoong laid a cloth against his forehead.
“We didn’t think you’d faint,” said Jaejoong looking slightly guilty.
“And you call yourself a man,” said Yunho, smug smile now on his face. Yoochun’s head ached so bad, all he wanted was to crawl into bed (with Junsu) and die. He was also very confused.
“Wait…how long have I been out? You guys…have made up…right?” Yoochun looked nervously at them both.
“Of course!” said Jaejoong, Yunho moving behind him to pull him close. “It was a joke after all!”
“We only pretended to fight,” said Yunho, “To teach you a lesson for the hell you caused me. Though I did manage to catch a good picture of Jaejoong kissing you on my phone camera…Junsu will be so very sad.”
Yoochun knew when to give up and gave his best puppy dog look which Yunho ignored, having ignored it since university.
“But…I thought you were going out with two people?”
Jaejoong grinned slyly.
“Not Yunho, that’s me. I go out with Yunho and someone else.”
“Yes, I did know about the other guy, he’s busy at the moment though,” said Yunho before Yoochun could ask. Yoochun felt his head spin.
“I see,” he said, and promptly slumped back to the floor.
The “other guy” turned out to be university student and part time barista, Shim Changmin who was indeed taller than Yunho and very sarcastic. He’d met Jaejoong a month or so before Yunho had, Jaejoong complaining his caramel cappuccino had not enough caramel; Changmin saying it was actually a hot chocolate Jaejoong had ordered, and that he needed to regain his short term memory before arguing. Jaejoong had proceeded to leap across the divide and maul (“More like molest,” said Yunho) Changmin to defend his honour. One hour later they were both mopping the floor, Jaejoong grumbling and making snide comments whilst Changmin sighed and cursed his life. Jaejoong did something spectacular with a broom (“Not in that way!” said Changmin but Yoochun gave him a knowing smile to which Changmin sighed and pushed up his glasses) and the rest was history. When Jaejoong met Yunho at the dinner a few weeks later, he’d introduced him to Changmin the next day and they were set.
Yoochun didn’t even want to ask who wore the pants in this relationship because it was simply too screwed up.
“Well Yunho, I guess this ruins your chances of getting a daughter then,” said Yoochun teasingly.
“I don’t like children, or rather, babies,” said Changmin and shrugged.
“Same!” chirped Jaejoong and moved from Yunho’s lap to Changmin’s. “That’s why we have a dog!”
“I don’t mind so much anymore,” Yunho said, perfectly content as Jaejoong shifted once again so he was half on Yunho, half on Changmin. Changmin slapped his thigh and Jaejoong yelped, reaching over to slap his arm and they both laughed. Yunho petted Jaejoong’s hair which was now a light brown with blond streaks. He looked revoltingly good and Yoochun cursed the fact he’d look good in practically anything. From the way the trio had reacted to Yoochun’s new hair, he vowed never to let Junsu touch blond hair dye again, or at least, to make sure he dyed his whole head and not the sides only.
HeeChul had burst into laughter shamelessly and announced that he was “Cruella De Vil” in drag, and that Junsu was the puppy who couldn’t stop peeing. Yoochun had taken his princess mirror hostage and threatened to smash it. Hee Chul took his words back.
“The only problem with Jaejoong,” said Changmin, “Or rather, one of many problems he has,”
Jaejoong slapped his knee and Changmin punched his shoulder so he crashed sideways into Yunho who sighed.
“Is that he tends to…flirt with other people. Unconsciously he claims, but he flirts. And he accuses us of being abusive.”
“I do not! But you are abusive Min, only Yunho is nice to me!” Jaejoong looked up beneath his fringe, eyes wide, innocent, deceptive. Yunho melted and rubbed his shoulders soothingly, cooing and petting; Jaejoong soaking up the sympathy. Yoochun looked at Changmin who rubbed his forehead.
“You hit me just as hard and almost gave me a concussion on the day we met.”
“You pinned me to a wall! What was I supposed to do?!”
“He pinned you to a wall,” deadpanned Yoochun.
“He attacked me first!” accused Jaejoong.
“You pinned me to the floor!”
“This gets better and better…”
Yunho shot Yoochun a look.
“You verbally abused me!”
“I simply reminded you of your drink order. You were the one who deemed it necessary to jump over the counter and attack me, then screamed at me for getting your clothes dirty when you were the one who knocked over all the drinks genius.”
“Well how about a rematch then?”
“Sure twinkle toes. Don’t waste my time.”
Yunho yawned.
“Shouldn’t we try and stop them?” asked Yoochun.
“Nah, they’ll vent it out tonight.”
“…I see. Will you be…”
“No, I will not get involved unless Jaejoong needs me. And no, I doubt I’ll be limping tomorrow, I have work to do anyway. Han Kyung misunderstood and asked for twenty pigs and milk to be brought in instead of twenty ham and cheese sandwiches. Which means there won’t be any snacks between the meeting.”
“We’ll see who wins tonight!”
“Considering your track record versus mine, I’d say me.”
“Well I’ve been practicing and I’ve become more flexible recently! And Eeteuk taught me new maneuvers!”
“You never learn hyung. Guess I’ll have to teach you again, but this time, I’ll emphasize my point.”
“I swear to God Changmin, if you use my laces again I’ll murder you. I need them for my ballet shoes.”
“I’m more creative than that, geez, give me credit.”
“And you say Junsu and I are sex maniacs eh hyung?”
Yunho smacked him on the head.
“Oh, damn, it flew away. Bloody mosquito.”
“It’s the middle of winter!”
“Oh? I didn’t realize…I do remember reading that they’re evolving to adapt to different weather conditions. Didn’t you read that?”
Yoochun scrutinized Yunho carefully, checking to see whether his hyung was really lying. Yunho’s face betrayed nothing except utter adoration for Jaejoong who’d somehow moved into Yunho’s lap, bridal style. Yoochun concluded that he wasn’t lying but then again…he hardly read the newspapers himself. Oh well!
One year later saw Jaejoong in a (extremely smart) career change, working as a singer/songwriter with Yoochun and Junsu (who was overjoyed to see Jaejoong, his old school idol...Jaejoong on the other hand, had no clue Junsu had even been in his school; Junsu : Oh, I wasn’t. I just saw you pass by everyday…and followed you to school…and watched you dance and sing…and go out…and…)
Yunho was unhappy that Jaejoong was infected by Yoochun’s ’emo vibes’ as he called them, after the newly dubbed “Soul Mate” team released “Kiss shite mama, sayonara”; simultaneously starting a flood made purely of fans tears and making Jaejoong an even bigger diva after the success.
Changmin graduated with a Master’s degree (smartass) in Psychology, Economics and Management (repeat, smartass), moving straight away into their record company (to keep an eye on Jaejoong and to protect the purity of innocent trainees) and taking control of the inner workings pretty quickly (“Shadow King. Demon child,” muttered Yoochun as Changmin inspected his office critically. He received a cleanliness rating of 3/10 and a note telling him to wash his coffee cups before bacteria bred).
“There’s one thing I’ve been dying to ask you,” said Yoochun one day, as he and Yunho sat drinking coffee once more.
“What? If it’s about the pictures of himself Jaejoong sent Junsu, I’ve already taken care of it.”
“Jaejoong sent Su pictures?”
“Jaejoong couldn’t deny his number one fan the pleasure of ‘the glory of me’. I didn’t approve of the pictures.”
“Oh…No. That’s not it. Its…” Yoochun looked slightly nervous, fidgety, excited. Yunho raised an eyebrow.
A gasp. The waitress dropped her tray. Right onto Yunho. Whose skin was burning from the hot coffee and whose hair now had a cheese and onion toastie melded to it. The whole shop was deathly silent except for Yunho’s labored breathing and the sound of Yoochun’s panicked breathing. Oh crap.
“You. Die. Now.”
Yunho launched himself at Yoochun who squealed and ran out, dropping money on the counter as he sprinted away. Looking back, he couldn’t help but say,
“I’m guessing it’s Jaejoong since you’re limping again!”
Yoochun didn’t turn up to work the next day. Or week. Nobody asked why.
A/N: Sorry this was rushed, exams are literally around the corner! Gah…revision, revision, revision. Thanks to all who commented last time!! Kat-tun’s latest PV, “Don’t U ever stop” is a big change. For one, Jin has Heechul’s hair extension from “U” XP which is just funny. They’ve actually got girls in this vid too, and have attempted dancing! In perfect sync! Lolz…I do like KAT-TUN but they do take themselves waaay too seriously *cough Dreamboys cough*. I can’t see Super Junior or DBSK doing a musical…like that…seriously. Junsu or Hee Chul would’ve laughed or made some comment about the songs/costumes. On another note, I really really want DBSK’s new concert Dvd…I’m so upset, they performed “Kiss shite mama, sayonara”!!! Gah! Why couldn’t they do that in Osaka too!?!? Why!?!?  And what is with the Yoosumin crack onstage?! Junsu…is very flexible…I must say. Chun has the best expressions…and Changmin looks very awkward but still into it. The Jaeho sit out on this. LOl. Ok, this was a very long A/N so I’ll shut up now and do something useful, like revise.

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